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Like any well developed product, websites need to be beta tested.  What exactly is beta testing for a website?  Well, we need to be sure that our site works well under every condition... AOL, Netscape, IE, slow modem, fast modem, etc.  We also need to know if we have any broken links, mispelled words, or if any tables and such seem out of place, just to name a few possible problems.  Finally, we need to get a feel of how our visitors like our site, its layout, and its content. 

Now, if you would like to be a beta tester, you don't have to check every single possible problem, but you certainly can if you wish.  To give us a general idea of certain problems we have, click here.  Or, if you want to go crazy, click here to test our site with more detail.  Thanks in advance to all of our beta testers!

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